What we do

What We Do

As election systems, technologies and laws evolve, our network is a critical resource for decision makers. EVN is the only consistent venue for election integrity leaders to address urgent issues together—a unique forum for information, shared strategy, discussion and coordinated work. For over ten years, we have built the trust and relationships needed to help one another address complex concerns at the local, statewide and national levels.

While EVN’s collective focus is on the integrity of voting systems, we represent the entire spectrum of election integrity issues. Every part of our work is firmly rooted in the broad context of privacy, accessibility, civil rights and voter experience.

Using EVN’s infrastructure, participants have played pivotal roles in many landmark solutions, decisions and innovations, and we continue to work together every day on issues, such as those in the table below, that emerge.

Voter-verified paper trail requirements Election Day legal and logistical help for voters Safe technology for military and overseas voting
Security threat identification Voting system risk assessments Election reform design
Improved ballot designs, instructions and accessibility Voter experience troubleshooting and improvements Research, technological consulting and advocacy
50 state election systems “scorecards” Election Day problem tracking and analysis Streamlined verification and recount processes
Legal challenges to flawed systems Innovative audit techniques and audit requirements
Election Assistance Commission participation Open-source and publicly owned voting technologies Election auditing and recount projects
Public access to election-related data Voting system contract advice for election officials Risk-limiting audit design