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whitney copyWhitney Quesenbery


email via whitney@electionverification.org


Whitney Quesenbery is co-Director at the Center for Civic Design, which believes democracy is a design problem. The Center conducts research to help government officials engage voters with well-designed materials, and partners on projects to share what we learn. Their best known projects are the Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent, the Anywhere Ballot, and the Election Toolkit. They have also worked directly with election officials from states from Pennsylvania to California to update their election materials and improve their design skills. Whitney served on the Election Assistance Commission committee writing the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), and continues to do research to inform the ongoing development of these standards. She also served on the federal advisory committee updating Section 508 accessibility regulations. She developed and teaches the first election design course in the country as part of the University of Minnesota Certificate in Professional Election Administration.

Expert Areas

Ballot design, civic and election design, voter information and outreach, voting system standards for usability and accessibility, designing to ensure voter intent, user experience research with voters, accessibility, plain language.

Nature of Communications

Happy to talk. Get in touch!